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Email received but not sending

If you are able to receive your email but are unable to send it is possible that you are leaving your messages on the server and therefore maxing out your email storage space. Once the maximum lever is reached you will be unable to send email. While this may seem like an annoyance it is better for you to notice this before people sending email to you are presented with your email returned as mailbox is full. So how do we check this…

Posted by Dan Rowe on Friday, November 4, 2011   Tags Outlook / MS Office, Web Site

That annoying "Read View' in MS Word

Ever get tired of having to go to the menu to select the normal view when you open a word document someone has emailed you just so you can read it. Or maybe you did not know you could do that and now that you do you would like to know how to change it so this does not happen in the first place?

There is a simple solution.

Posted by Dan Rowe on Friday, April 13, 2007   Tags Outlook / MS Office

Turn Zone Alarm Free version Junk Mail Filter OFF!!

Do you find the junk mail filter added to your outlook application to be not only annoying but a bit presumptuous of ZA to install? Having a hard time figuring out how to get rid of it? Here is a solution.

Posted by Dan Rowe on Friday, March 30, 2007   Tags Outlook / MS Office, Security

Comaptibility pack for office 2007 for older versions.

Do you have a need to open documents created with office 2007?  

Posted by Dan Rowe on Friday, February 9, 2007   Tags Outlook / MS Office

Templates get your FREE office templates

If you work with MS Office you probably know that you can create just about any solution you may need using one of the office products. But who has the time to learn how to use all the features and tricks. Well if you want to be a "Do It yourself Office Guru" or you simply want to see just how many things you can do with MS Office take a look at these templates that Microsoft has. There are so many templates to use in your all your office products that can make your life easier. The links in this post will take you there. 

Posted by Dan Rowe on Friday, February 9, 2007   Tags Outlook / MS Office

What is the U.S. Energy Policy Act and how does it impact you?

The U.S. Energy Policy Act of 2005, passed by the U.S. Congress July, 2005. Does this effect you? Basically Daylight savings time in the us will be extended by about 4 weeks starting in 2007. Unless updates are made to your system it is possible that the time zone settings for your computer's system clock may be incorrect during this four week period. 

Posted by Dan Rowe on Friday, February 9, 2007   Tags Outlook / MS Office, PC Maintenance