DTR Technology strives to provide you with the least expensive and most direct means to accomplish your computing tasks. We are not in the business of selling websites in bulk we are in the business of selling web solutions and maintaining relationships with our clients for years to come. Our professional staff will help you to determine what is the best solution for you based on what  your need's are, your technical involvement and what will allow you to focus on your business the best.  We may assist you in finding untapped resources that you already have or even point you in the direction of better resources. Our goal is to facilitate maximum efficiency on your website enabling you to focus on your business. We have over a decade of computer technology and programming experience. We want to ensure your peace of mind.


Unless you compete directly with us the chances are you don’t make money spending all your time in front of a computer. Then stop! Sit back and relax. Let us help you maximise your time by helping you  in making the correct decisions for your web solution needs. 


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